Jack Benny radio show – April 1, 1951 – Jack Leaves for NY to Do a TV Show

Jack heads for the train station to travel to New York for a television show. The usual suspects are at the station, including Sheldon Leonard, Mel Blanc, and Frank Nelson as the ticket agent.

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  1. The “Tennessee Waltz” sketch at the train station is one of favorite episodes. I like everything about this particular sketch: the premise, the organized chaos of a busy depot, a perfect performance & cast, the rhythm & flow of a busy station, driving the Maxwell to get to the station (and having a flat on the way) to Mel Blanc’s always-funny departure/arrival announcer, Sheldon Leonard’s race track tout; very well-played easygoing laid-back sister Babe (can’t recall her name), Verna Felton as Dennis’ cantankerous mother, sweet Mr. Kitzell, Frank Nelson’s hilarious always-rude-only-to-Benny ticket agent, the man who asks to cut in line because he’s in a hurry but proceeds to tell his soap opera tale with the words to the hit The Tennessee Waltz. One of my favorite Jack Benny episodes.

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